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Foreword from Liz Mills

Dear colleagues,


I hope that you’re all settling well into the new school term.


In this edition of the weekly Schools Bulletin, I’d like to talk to you about how the Government is supporting Surrey’s plans for services aimed at children with additional needs through a ‘Safety Valve’ agreement. However, I thought I’d share my thoughts on this with you in a slightly different way this week, by recording a short video blog (or vlog). 


I hope you find the video helpful in explaining in greater depth the safety valve agreement, the DfE green and white paper, and some of the capital investment programmes we’ve got underway. We will be in touch with you soon about some opportunities for us to get together to discuss these developments later this term.


 Liz Mills - 'Safety Valve' video - April 2022

Safety Valve Video - Liz Mills - April 2022

Best wishes,


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