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Procurement advice for schools
An update from Julie Stockdale
All the latest news and updates from Julie Stockdale.
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Improving SEND services
Improving Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) services.
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Surrey Healthy Schools news
The latest edition of Surrey Healthy Schools news for the spring term is now available.
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Mindset into classroom practice conference
Find out more about the mindset into the classroom practice conference.
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Proposed changes to local bus services
Have your say on the proposed changes to local bus services.
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Get involved with Cow Parade Surrey
Cow Parade is the world’s largest public art event and it’s coming to Surrey in 2016. 
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Citizenship and Magna Carta school events
Citizenship and Magna Carta school events are now available in February and June 2016.
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Could your students be potential lifesavers?
Register and be a lifesaver (R&Be) educates 16 to 18 year olds about how they can help save lives.
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Run to Rio
Can your school collectively run the distance from Surrey to Rio this summer?
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The voices foundation - creating a singing school
Do you want to transform your school into a singing school?
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Primary music festival 2016
A primary music festival 2016 introduction course is now available.
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