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New from Surrey County Council to Support the Recovery Process: Mental Health & Wellbeing Guidance
Heatwave Plan for England - a reminder
Sign up for the latest education data analysis service – PKM SLA
Surrey County Council approach - Surrey Healthy Schools; Supporting a Culture of Recovery
Statutory Health and Relationships Education Audit Tool for Primary Schools
Primary RE Newsletter – Summer term 2020
MSI (Multi Sensory Impairment) Intervenor training course
Paediatric First Aid training course; 15-16 October 2020
DfE and national updates for schools
Important water safety message to schools from the RNLI
Foreword from Liz Mills
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The Mental Health & Wellbeing Guidance has been developed to support a Surrey Healthy Schools approach to wellbeing and health and provides schools with an overview of key signposting and services that can assist in the development of a recovery culture.

The document has been developed taking a partnership approach with Surrey County Council, Public Health, schools, SAfE, and a range of Surrey CC Services and third sector representatives.

This week, the Met Office issued a health warning and raised the alert to level 3.


Here's a reminder of some of the practical things that you can do to ensure that children are kept safe, whether they are indoors or outdoors during the summer season. There are several resources available, some of which you can download and display in schools and share with staff and parents:


Heatwave Plan for England has an action table to aid organisations/communities on what actions can be taken at each heat-alert level.

Beat the Heat: coping with heat and COVID-19 (leaflet)

Staying safe and well in summer. This link provides some useful tips on what to do to keep well and keep cool.

Keep up to date with the latest government information on COVID-19 and social distancing. Continue with regular hand washing, social distancing and regular cleaning routines.


Sign-up for the Heat-Health alerting system (which runs 1 June - 15 September). Email: with subject “Hot weather alerts.”

Early Bird Discount available for the 2020/21

The 2020/21 PKM service level agreement (SLA) for education data analysis is now available to purchase online through the Services for Schools portal. Sign up by 31st July 2020 to make sure you don’t miss out on our 10% Early Bird discount.

This year the data uploaded to FFT/Nexus will be for internal analysis and self-evaluation and will not be used externally or for performance management.

FFT are providing an Early Results Service for 2020. Schools will need to upload their Primary Phase teacher assessments data to FFT by the 3rd July to receive FFT reports for 2020.

Nexus is providing a Predicted Results Service, Primary Phase teacher assessments can be uploaded from mid June onwards.


The Performance Information & Intelligence team’s PKM service level agreement (SLA) offers a range of high quality education data analyses to schools through the Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Aspire and Perspective Lite websites.

• Nexus Primary Phase Predicted Outcomes service – (including EYFS) – is available from middle of June onwards for uploading teacher assessments by CTF from schools system or by use a template from Nexus.

• Nexus Secondary Phase schools will be able to import the exam file or a CSV file - will be available on or around the 19th Aug 20 before results day.

FFT Early Results service for Primary Phase KS1/2 – is available for uploading via Aspire Pupil Tracking or excel template until 3rd July – schools will then receive an early PDF KS2 report by Mid-July and in August full interactive Aspire KS1/2 dashboards including Attainment and Value Added progress.

• FFT Secondary Phase schools will be able to upload using KS4 Teacher Assessment exam result files or a CSV template in August date tbc and have available interactive Attainment & Progress- KS4, KS5 A level subject Attainment and Progress dashboards in September.


Surrey County Council is able to purchase FFT Aspire at a substantial discount and pass on significant savings to schools through its SLA. On average the PKM SLA purchased as part of our Early Bird offer costs schools 40% less than a FFT Aspire subscription bought direct from FFT.

If you would like to find out more about our SLA or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail


In light of the current re-integration and recovery culture support for schools please view the message from Surrey Healthy Schools Lead, Sarah Lyles; Click here to watch

Further Wellbeing and PSHE Updates

I would also like to draw your attention to a communication from the DfE regarding ‘Mental Health & Wellbeing Support for CYP’ – very much supporting a culture of recovery. National bodies cited within the document are already captured within Surrey Healthy Schools Self-Evaluation Tool – however, for a quick look, you can access the communication here.

Further to this, the DfE have launched the first of its PSHE training modules to help support effective teaching and learning. To visit the training module ‘Teaching about Mental Wellbeing’ click here.


Surrey Healthy Schools has worked with schools, the Race Equality and Minority Achievement (REMA) Service and representatives from the Diocese of Guildford in order to develop an audit tool which will assist schools in monitoring their curriculum coverage of statutory Health and Relationships Education. The tool also includes key learning contained within the Science National Curriculum to assist schools in achieving an effective and joined up overview of provision and the inclusion of Sex Education.

The Statutory Health and Relationships & Sex Education Audit Tool for Primary Schools also assists PSHE Leaders to monitor resources used to support teaching and learning, as well as highlighting CPD requirements and teacher confidence.

The audit can be accessed at: Healthy Surrey - PSHE in the Surrey County Council Guidance and Support section. A secondary audit tool is currently being developed.

Please also see the PPT resource ‘Engaging Parents and carers in Effective RSE’ in the same section.

For information about Surrey Healthy Schools visit: Healthy Surrey - Healthy Schools

Primary RE Newsletter – Summer term 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to this EXTRA edition of an RE Newsletter for Primary Community Schools for this academic year. These continue to be unusually demanding times for us all, particularly as you are perhaps now beginning to prepare for the possible return to the classroom of at least some of your pupils. It is vital that we keep in touch, so here are some further resources available to support your work as Subject Leaders for RE.

As a SACRE, we are still here to offer you help, advice and support with RE (or Collective Worship) in your school. You may be:

  • developing activities for a return to classroom teaching
  • preparing online teaching and learning
  • reviewing and revising RE documentation such as schemes of learning and policy statements
  • organising existing resources and/or selecting new ones
  • developing your own subject knowledge.

As in our previous communication, we are recommending the use of the NATRE home learning resources at this time, suspending the requirement for teaching in RE to be based on the Surrey Agreed Syllabus until schools are fully integrated back into ‘normal’ patterns. You can find these at: NATRE-free-resources-for-you-and-your-pupils. They are being added to regularly, so do keep checking. Additionally, on this webpage, there is also a comprehensive list of other home learning resources for RE should you wish to use them. The NATRE materials cover a range of religions and beliefs, so should easily complement what schools have taught as part of their RE curriculum already.

There are also additional materials and resources listed on our website; Diocese of Guildford, scroll down to the ‘Resources’ box and look for ‘Home learning resources.’

The Surrey Primary RE networks have moved online for the time being. These sessions give RE subject leaders the chance to share good practice, keep up to date with local, regional and national developments in RE, improve subject knowledge and consider ways to support teaching and learning in RE across the Primary phase. New delegates will need to register an account first and can book training from this same location after registration has been approved.

There will be sessions available to book for the Autumn term, which will take place after the half term break.

We would be delighted to see you at one of these events, or to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us using one of the addresses below and we will do our best to deal with any queries or concerns that you may have.

Wishing you all the very best,

Surrey SACRE



Adviser for RE in Surrey:

The Physical and Sensory Support (PSS) team with the Equality and Wellbeing Service are pleased to offer the following course for staff providing specialist 1:1 support for children and young people with multi-sensory impairment (MSI - combined impairments of vision and hearing, also known as deafblindness).

This course is provided at no cost to professionals working with children and young people with MSI who are supported by Surrey PSS.

Course: Intervenor Training (5-day)

Date: 7 – 11 September 2020

Times: 09:30-15:30 each day

Venue: TBC – Woking Adult Learning Centre or via online video conference, dependent on Covid-19 pandemic guidance at the time

Audience: The course is for practitioners providing 1:1 support for young people with deafblindness / multi sensory impairment in mainstream and specialist education settings.


Content: An Intervenor is someone who is specifically trained to support deafblind individuals to access information, communication and their environment. Deafblindness is a low-incidence, high-impact impairment which creates a unique set of needs and necessitates specialised support. This course is designed to cover the skills, theoretical and practical knowledge needed to begin providing specialist Intervenor support for deafblind learners, including:

  • Causes and Implications of Deafblindness
  • The Role of the Intervenor
  • Vision and Hearing Impairments
  • Communication
  • Orientation and Mobility
  • Learning Environments
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Sensory Integration
  • Working in Partnership

Aim: To provide participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to fulfil the role of an Intervenor.

To apply for a place on the course please email: as soon as possible.

If you would like to discuss the course or have any questions please email:

The paediatric first aid requirements in the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework (EYFS) apply to all early years’ provision including school reception classes. This means that at least one person who has a current paediatric first aid certificate must be on the premises and available at all times when children are present, and must accompany children on outings.

The Strategic Risk Management Team have had a number of enquiries about Paediatric First Aid Training – we will be running a 2 day Paediatric First Aid Course on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 October 2020 at Thameside Centre in Staines – details below. If there is a big demand we will endeavour to add another course.

Paediatric 2 day First Aid Training Course for Schools 2020

This course will focus on emergency scenarios that are faced by professionals looking after young children.
It can also be used as evidence for employees working towards an NVQ in Childcare and Education.

The course will cover:

  • First aid kit
  • Action planning
  • Treatment of an unconscious casualty
  • Resuscitation
  • Choking
  • Asthma and diabetic emergencies
  • Head injuries
  • Seizures
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Sprains, strains and fractures
  • Poisoning, bites and stings
  • Foreign objects
  • Childhood conditions (e.g. measles, meningitis, croup).

Course duration: 12 hours (9.00am – 3.30pm for 2 days)
Date: Thursday 15 October and Friday 16 October 2020 at Thameside Centre, Wyatt Road, Staines, TW18 2AY.

The 2 day course will cost £150 per person for surrey schools and academies in the buyback scheme and £195 for independent schools/academies that don’t buyback. The fee includes a first aid certificate.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide either food or refreshments for the course so please bring these along with you. You are welcome to eat or drink at the venue as there are no shops nearby.

If you would like to attend, please book via the Services for Schools portal, go to 'Training & Events', type in 'Paediatric' and it will bring up the course.




Information for parents and carers about the opening of early years providers, schools and colleges, safety in schools, attendance, transport, school meals and exams has been published.

The Education Secretary has confirmed that all children, in all year groups, will be returning to school in September. The Government has launched a £1 billion Covid catch-up plan that will lift outcomes for all pupils, with targeted support for those from disadvantaged backgrounds who are most at risk of falling behind because of this disruption. As part of this package, a universal ‘catch up premium’, worth £650 million, will be provided for all state school children in England to help them to make up for the lost teaching time in the next academic year. The Education Endowment Foundation has published a guide for schools on how the money could be best spent, which will include intervention programmes, access to technology or summer schools. Schools will have the discretion to tailor this funding towards their particular needs and the needs of the children they teach. The plan also includes a new £350 million National Tutoring Programme to increase access to high-quality tuition for disadvantaged children and young people. This £1 billion package is on top of the £14.4 billion three-year funding settlement announced last year - recognising the additional work schools will need to do to help students to catch up. Over the coming weeks, further information and guidance will be published to help schools prepare for a full return in September.


Following the terror attack that took place on Saturday 20 June 2020 in Reading, the following guidance and advice may be of assistance should any schools be seeking support in the aftermath of the incident.


The Home Office’s Victims of Terrorism Unit website, includes access to support services, including mental health and other medical services.


Whether or not any schools were directly affected, students may have concerns over news coverage and online footage. The following online resources may be of specific assistance to educators (safeguarding leads and teachers) with discussions about terrorist attacks:


• The PSHE Association Frameworks: Primary and Secondary resources
Educate Against Hate

The following online resources may be of specific assistance to parents and children with discussions about terrorist attacks:

LGfL: Talking to Children about terrorism (for parents)
NSPCC: How should you talk to children about terrorism? (for parents)
Childline: Worries about the world page (for children)

Additional Support

If schools have specific concerns relating to extremism in an education setting or require further support not covered by the services listed above, they can email


Keeping children safe in education (from 1 September 2020) is now available for information only and does not come into force until 1 September 2020.

Guidance for schools on writing statutory end of year reports for parents has been updated to confirm regulations have been laid to remove the requirement to report on national curriculum assessments and attendance, and explain the different requirements of annual and school leaver reports. 


The claim form for schools and academies to claim exceptional costs relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) has been published. Please read the instructions and video on completing the form.

Important Water Safety message to Schools from the RNLI - James Woodhouse, RNLI Water Safety Education Manager South East.

This summer, our Lifeguards cannot be everywhere, meaning a heightened water safety risk to beach goers. We are asking you to help us share some important messages to children and their families. Although you may be a fair distance from the beach, we are seeing an increase in distances people are travelling to visit the coast, therefore it is important that we share the messaging inland as well as coastally.

We have already seen the influx of beach goers in the past few weeks after some of the restrictions were lifted and the summer weather arrived. In a normal year, the RNLI helps thousands of people who end up getting into difficulty in or close to the water when doing these types of activities.

Throughout the summer term, our local team of trained volunteers and Lifeguards do their best to visit as many of the schools, colleges and youth groups in our region as possible. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak we have not been able to engage with school communities as we normally would in your region.

We have taken the time over the last couple of months to carefully condense and design our resources which are aimed at primary and secondary school children, whilst also ensuring they are appropriate to be taught from home or through online classrooms. This can be by a parent, guardian or teacher.

Below, you will find out ways in which you can help at this time.

  • Download and use our Water Safety from Home Resources. Educating young people about how to keep safe, in, on and around water is fundamental to saving lives at sea and a core part of the RNLI’s water safety activity. This term we have put together two downloadable packs of resources focusing on keeping safe this summer.

  • Please help by sharing the RNLI & MCA’s Beach Safety Campaign with parents, guardians and your wider network. Beach lifeguards cannot be everywhere this summer – it is vital every one of us takes responsibility for our own, and our families’, safety.

  • Our beach safety resources are also available for download to use on social media and online.


Note from Surrey Healthy Schools:

Please ensure that any resources selected:

  • Meet the needs of your pupils
  • Are delivered in a thoughtful and considered manner – where a key consideration is for all pupils to feel safe
  • Are appropriate and support the values and culture of your school
  • Links to wider PSHE or PE learning already delivered.

Ensure that you have your PSHE Ground Rules/Learning Agreement in place and if you are using a resource as home learning consider the guidance set out by the PSHE Association.




Foreword from Liz Mills

Latest update from Liz Mills, Director for Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture


Dave Hill CBE

I would like to thank everyone in schools who have sent their condolences upon hearing the tragic announcement of the sudden death of our friend and colleague Dave Hill CBE. Dave was Executive Director of Children, Lifelong Learning and Culture at Surrey County Council and dedicated his career to supporting and improving children’s services. In 2018 he was awarded a CBE for services to children’s social care.

I was comforted by the heartfelt tribute to Dave Hill from the members of the Joint Phase Councils and SAfE in which they beautifully captured Dave’s impact and legacy. Like them, I believe that the best way to honour his memory will be “to continue our commitment to the genuine partnership working shown during the current crisis, in order to bring to fruition Dave’s vision of transformation and change needed to improve the life chances of every child in Surrey.”

As well as the tributes that have been posted on numerous local and national websites, there have been several touching comments across social media platforms as well. This morning, a digital book of condolence has been opened, so, if anyone wishes to share further thoughts, tributes or messages, please e-mail;

As the council’s Chief Executive, Joanna Killian said: “Dave was an amazing colleague and great friend…his passion for doing the right thing by children and just getting things done shone through and he was the architect of the most brilliant transformation I have ever seen.” To read more about Dave’s career history, read the Surrey News page.

Best wishes and stay safe,