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New from Surrey County Council to Support the Recovery Process: Mental Health & Wellbeing Guidance
Heatwave Plan for England - a reminder
Sign up for the latest education data analysis service – PKM SLA
Surrey County Council approach - Surrey Healthy Schools; Supporting a Culture of Recovery
Statutory Health and Relationships Education Audit Tool for Primary Schools
Primary RE Newsletter – Summer term 2020
MSI (Multi Sensory Impairment) Intervenor training course
Paediatric First Aid training course; 15-16 October 2020
DfE and national updates for schools
Important water safety message to schools from the RNLI
Foreword from Liz Mills
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Sign up for the latest education data analysis service – PKM SLA

Early Bird Discount available for the 2020/21

The 2020/21 PKM service level agreement (SLA) for education data analysis is now available to purchase online through the Services for Schools portal. Sign up by 31st July 2020 to make sure you don’t miss out on our 10% Early Bird discount.

This year the data uploaded to FFT/Nexus will be for internal analysis and self-evaluation and will not be used externally or for performance management.

FFT are providing an Early Results Service for 2020. Schools will need to upload their Primary Phase teacher assessments data to FFT by the 3rd July to receive FFT reports for 2020.

Nexus is providing a Predicted Results Service, Primary Phase teacher assessments can be uploaded from mid June onwards.


The Performance Information & Intelligence team’s PKM service level agreement (SLA) offers a range of high quality education data analyses to schools through the Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Aspire and Perspective Lite websites.

• Nexus Primary Phase Predicted Outcomes service – (including EYFS) – is available from middle of June onwards for uploading teacher assessments by CTF from schools system or by use a template from Nexus.

• Nexus Secondary Phase schools will be able to import the exam file or a CSV file - will be available on or around the 19th Aug 20 before results day.

FFT Early Results service for Primary Phase KS1/2 – is available for uploading via Aspire Pupil Tracking or excel template until 3rd July – schools will then receive an early PDF KS2 report by Mid-July and in August full interactive Aspire KS1/2 dashboards including Attainment and Value Added progress.

• FFT Secondary Phase schools will be able to upload using KS4 Teacher Assessment exam result files or a CSV template in August date tbc and have available interactive Attainment & Progress- KS4, KS5 A level subject Attainment and Progress dashboards in September.


Surrey County Council is able to purchase FFT Aspire at a substantial discount and pass on significant savings to schools through its SLA. On average the PKM SLA purchased as part of our Early Bird offer costs schools 40% less than a FFT Aspire subscription bought direct from FFT.

If you would like to find out more about our SLA or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail