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School term and holiday dates 2020/21


                                 To: Headteachers of all Surrey schools.

You may recall that the Admissions team wrote to you by email on 13 March 2019 asking for your views on two options for the proposed School Term and Holiday Dates for 2020/2021. Thank you to everyone who responded.

After consideration of the responses and the various arguments put forward by schools to the consultation, it has been agreed to confirm Option 2 as the term dates for 2020/21 for Surrey’s community and voluntary controlled schools.

Please see full term dates for 2020/21.
These dates add up to 195 days, within which those schools must arrange their five INSET days. 

The two options that we consulted schools on were very similar, with the only differences being the September 2020 start date and the July 2021 finish date, as follows:

Option 1:
Start date of Wed 02 Sept 2020 [end of summer term 2020 is Wed 22 Jul 2020]
End date of Thurs 22 Jul 2021
Autumn term: 38 days, then 35 days; summer term: 29 days, then 34 days.

Option 2:
Start date of Tues 01 Sept 2020
End date of Wed 21 Jul 2021
Autumn term: 39 days, then 35 days; summer term: 29 days, then 33 days.

Option 1 allowed for a full six weeks of summer holiday in 2020 and had a day inbetween the August bank holiday (Monday 31 August) and the start of term. However, option 2 allowed more easily for two INSET days at the start of September, which we know some schools like to have, as that would enable a Thursday start for pupils. It also had an earlier finish in July.

The responses from schools were overwhelmingly in favour of Option 2, with most schools that preferred that option stating that they planned to have two INSET days in early September. Other reasons for preferring option 2 were linked to an earlier finish in July, which some schools felt would benefit pupil attendance, as well as commonality with the majority of neighbouring local authorities.

Prior to our consultation with schools, colleagues on the Teachers’ Joint Council (TJC) were consulted. The TJC did not express either a strong preference for, or an objection to, either option.

We would like to remind all community and voluntary controlled schools that they must now confirm their term dates for 2020/21 in line with the dates attached. Section 32 of the Education Act 2002 states that: “...the local authority shall determine the dates when the school terms and holidays are to begin and end”.

We would also like to commend the attached dates to all academies and foundation, trust and voluntary aided schools, since it is in the best interests of staff, children and parents if there can be as much uniformity with term dates as possible.

Summary of responses

We received 144 responses from schools, as follows:

Option 1 preference: 38 schools (26 %)
Option 2 preference: 103 schools (72 %)
Did not prefer either option: 3 schools (2 %)

A breakdown by phase is as follows:

Secondary schools
Option 1 preference: 3 schools
Option 2 preference: 19 schools
Did not prefer either option: 1 school

Primary schools
Option 1 preference: 33 schools
Option 2 preference: 78 schools
Did not prefer either option: 2 schools

Special schools
Option 1 preference: 2 schools
Option 2 preference: 6 schools
Did not prefer either option: 0 schools

A breakdown by admission authority is as follows:

Community and voluntary controlled schools
Option 1 preference: 15 schools
Option 2 preference: 38 schools
Did not prefer either option: 0 schools

Own admission authority schools
Option 1 preference: 23 schools
Option 2 preference: 65 schools
Did not prefer either option: 3 schools

If you have any queries or would like to discuss this further, pleasae contact: Janet Carless, Operations Manager for Admissions and Transport.
Telephone number:  01483 519373