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Surrey Music Hub

Surrey Music Hub has been working hard to establish local school networks for music around the county. These networks enable communication between music leaders in schools of all types. 

Networks can provide continuing professional development, share skills and resources, strengthen transition and organise events. Some networks are now well established, whilst some areas are still developing. 

Surrey Music Hub has some funding for projects in local school networks. They are inviting applications for local school network funding from music leaders, confederations, school clusters and existing local school networks. Applications are invited for grants of up to £2000. 


  • Applications by 5 February 2016
  • Decisions expected to be announced by 12 February 2016
  • Projects to take place between April 2016 - March 2017.


School music leaders, headteachers, confederations and school clusters are invited to make an application for an local school network grant. Applicants should liaise with other leaders in their local area to create a single area application. 

Joint applications are strongly encouraged. Complete the attached application form in order to apply for a grant. 


1. Projects elected must show how: 

  • the project will have a long lasting impact in building links between schools
  • the project will raise standards of musical learning for children and young people in the local area.

2. Priority will be given to: 

  • projects that will have an impact on a number of schools
  • projects that will establish links with schools who are not involved in current networks
  • projects that will be able to match funding from other sources, or leverage the impact of the funding with help in kind, skills and volunteering
  • projects for networks that have not yet received local school network funding
  • projects that involve other music agencies as well as schools (eg Surrey Arts, community music groups, ensembles and charities
  • projects that offer opportunities to new local school networks or extending their current activities
  • applicants who have demonstrated effective use of previous grants.


Projects submitted will be approved by the Surrey Music Hub steering and advisory boards. 

Previous projects have included:

  • combined school musical events (concert, festivals and activity days)
  • transition projects
  • cotinuing professional development sessions
  • shared network resources/instruments
  • establishing a network leader to generate a new local school network
  • developing a collective vocal strategy.

These ideas are only given as a starting point for planning your project. Applications for any project that meet the criteria above are welcomed. 

For more information or any enquiries please email Alex Bondonno.


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