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Wellbeing Warrior – Year 4 pupils training: Improving mental wellbeing through physical activity

Active Surrey is on a mission to create Wellbeing Warriors in Primary schools throughout the county.


Developed with Surrey Educational Psychologists, this classroom-based session is designed to help year 4 pupils learn how mental wellbeing can be improved by being more active.


Pupils are shown how moving more can bring about a positive influence. They are also taught to understand how a lack of physical activity can affect their emotions and feelings. 


This two-hour course is delivered through practical interactive activities. Pupils are then encouraged to make personal commitments, on their class Tree of Wellbeing, to show what new, healthy habits they will try and adopt.


The training also includes a 10-minute weekly follow up task delivered by the class teacher. This will reflect on the pupils’ progress which will allow schools to measure the behaviour change that they make from their initial training.


To book, visit: Active Surrey - Wellbeing Warriors Training.

Email for more information.