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School admissions and transport update – Autumn term 2019
Updated SEND action plan
Surrey's Services for Schools Portal
Pupil Missing Out On Education collection dates for the academic year
Data Management Schedule for Autumn term 2019; Primary and Secondary
Advice for schools on how to prepare for Brexit
Surrey Children’s Services Academy Apprenticeships
Extending the Academies Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) to Local Authority Maintained Schools (LAMS)
Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) training for the autumn term 2019
Surrey Reading Aloud competition 2019
Surrey Music Hub: Autumn training courses for teachers
Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering placements with Surrey Libraries
Foreword from Liz Mills
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The Admissions and Transport team has issued its autumn term update.
Please share this update with colleagues who have responsibility for school admissions, as well as with Governors or appropriate representatives from the Academy Trust.

The update includes important information on:
1. Admission arrangements for academies and foundation, trust and voluntary aided schools 2020 and 2021
2. Admission of children living in a refuge
3. In year applications 2019/20
4. Waiting lists and changes of address
5. Adding on roll dates and updating numbers on roll on SAM
6. Home to school measuring points
7. Requirement to write to parents of Y9 children about UTCs and Studio schools
8. New school admissions booklet 2020
9. Supporting parents through the admissions process
10. Coordination timetable 2020
11. Fair Access protocols 2019/20
12. Protocol for admission of children in care 2019/20
13. Surrey’s School Admissions Forum
14. Surrey’s home to school transport policy
15. Transport queries
16. Changes to the school day
17. Bad behaviour on school transport
18. Uncollected bus and train passes
19. Schools meeting home to school transport vehicles

Surrey County Council and its health partners in six Surrey clinical commissioning groups* have developed an updated SEND action plan to help improve the school attendance of children and young people with SEND. High quality education is one of the key ways that children and young people can be supported in order to achieve better outcomes and lead fulfilling lives.

The main areas of focus and support for children and young people with SEND who are not attending school regularly are:

  • helping them transition successfully to their next placement
  • helping them get timely mental health support
  • helping their families to support them
  • encouraging better support for them in schools
  • ensuring children’s social care, health, schools and families work better together to support them.

Visit the Surrey Local Offer to read the updated action plan and the Surrey local area SEND action plan measures and targets.

*Surrey’s six clinical commissioning groups are Guildford and Waverley CCG, North West Surrey CCG, Surrey Downs CCG, East Surrey CCG, Surrey Heath and Farnham and North East Hampshire CCG.

We are pleased to announce two significant updates to our Services for Schools Portal over the summer – the availability of a wide range of training courses to browse and book online, and the introduction of ‘The Store’.


You may have seen that several of our services are offering courses, including Statutory Assessment and Early Years Foundation Stage training, which you can browse and (in most cases) book via the portal. Anyone with a portal user account should be able to see courses and make an initial booking – however the ability to authorise payments continues to be restricted to those with full ‘finance’ access accounts. In most cases, this will be the Head Teacher and Bursar/School Business Manager.

For those with full finance access, when someone in your school has booked onto a course, this will be displayed in the calendar on your home page.

The Store

We are also pleased to announce the introduction of ‘The Store’ to Surrey’s Services for Schools Portal. You may see this as a new tab at the top of your screen when you log in to the portal.

The new ‘Store’ menu now provides a more intuitive starting point for buying the contracts, products and services you need. After logging into the portal and landing on your school’s home page, you can click on the Store tab at the top of the screen to see what’s available for you to browse and buy.
Within the store you can see ‘at a glance’ various featured packages and services, browse for particular packages by provider, access selections of featured service teams (providers), contracts and services. Other sections include the opportunity to browse the store by the type of product you’re looking for (whether contracts, services or products). You also have easy access to revisit recently viewed items.

A significant change you will see here is the green ‘Annual Order’ button – this replaces the previous ‘quick buy’ system. In time, this new, simple page will enable you to quickly renew contracts and services, based on your purchases from last year.

Please note; in the short term, not all our current packages are linked to last year’s services – so there may not yet be ‘suggestions’ of this year’s equivalents available to you. However, this does not mean these equivalents don’t exist. You can still access them by clicking on the Store, which will give you prompts of popular services and packages, and /or click on the links to visit each provider’s pages to view all their current contracts and services and add to your basket when you are ready.

‘Item detail’ pages are available for each contract, package and service. If the package you’re looking at displays ‘POA’ - meaning price on application - rather than a specific cost, please click on it to get to the item detail page, where the price will be displayed alongside a comprehensive description of the item, and any accompanying documentation. The system may also offer suggestions of other relevant items for you to consider, such as upgrades, contracts which also include this item, and other offers from this provider.

Two options for searching for services within the Store
Global search: just enter your search term on the Home page or Store Home page and you will see all items that are available to purchase, and also any providers (teams) whose names contain your search term(s). You can further filter the results by the financial year or type of the item you’re seeking. Once you find what you’re looking for just click on it to see more details and add to your ‘basket’.
Browse by provider: If you know the provider team whose offer you want to look at/purchase, you can start by seeing all the items that this team is selling. If they have a large portfolio (i.e. offer lots of different contracts, services and/or products) you can filter the items further by using a text search or filtering by ‘type of item’.

The new Shopping Basket and checkout pages have several new and improved features. There are three main sections: 'Available to buy now', 'Items that require attention before purchase', and 'Saved for later'. These sections now give you more control over the checkout process.

The system will clearly show you which items can be checked out immediately. However, you will also be able to see if they are not available for you to buy right now (for example if they are sold out, paused, or only available to schools who have purchased a particular annual contract). Other items may require further attention before purchase, because they are

  • awaiting a quote from the provider
  • conflicting purchases – occasionally the selected items cannot be purchased together, e.g. if a provider offers ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ versions of a contract and you will only need one or the other, the system may not allow you to purchase both
  • awaiting customer input – for example you may need to fill in a pre-purchase form before the item can be purchased

In addition, you can change the quantity of each item you wish to purchase or alternatively choose to cancel it (and remove from your basket) entirely. If any specific terms and conditions apply, these are displayed and must to be accepted prior to purchase. Pre-purchase and / or quote request forms will be available as required.

We hope you will find these updates helpful and easy to use. As always, if you require further support or information please do not hesitate to get in touch. Either:

  • contact the specific provider whose services you are seeking via the ‘Contact provider’ link on their portal pages
  • make a ‘helpdesk request’ by clicking on the ‘?’ symbol on the top right corner of the portal
  • email us; Services for schools

Finally, please do keep us informed if you change role or school, so that we can enable or update portal accounts giving you the appropriate level of access in your current school and role – this is particularly key for current Headteachers and Business Managers/Bursars – please email; Services for schools with any queries or updates.

We look forward to working with you over the coming year.

Services for Schools Team

The Pupil Missing Out On Education collection dates for the coming academic year are:


Half Term 1


Half Term 2


Half Term 3


Half Term 4


Half Term 5


Half Term 6


Surrey County Council values its staff and want its EU workforce to remain in the UK. With the UK scheduled to leave the EU after 31 October 2019, please share this link; Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (settled and pre-settled status) with as many of your EU colleagues as you can.

Who is eligible?

The EU settlement scheme is applicable for all EU citizens living in the UK who have a valid biometric passport. It will also be open to non-EU family members who have a valid biometric residence card. The deadline for applying is 30 June 2021, or 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Please read the government's Advice for schools on how to prepare for Brexit.

Surrey Children’s Services Academy (please see fact sheet), is delighted to be able to support the education sector by transferring up to 25% of its Apprenticeship Levy for the continuing development of staff in the educational sector.

Employers who are supporting the development of those that work with Children, Young People and Families in the Educational sector 0-18 years and would like to develop their staff via apprenticeship qualifications are invited to apply for an apprenticeship levy transfer.

You may apply for an apprenticeship levy transfer at any time and we aim to respond to applications within 14 days.

Find out how the Apprenticeship Levy Transfer works.

For further information and to apply for an apprenticeship please complete the apprenticeship application form and submit using the email:


The Department for Education is seeking views on extending the self-insure arrangement currently operational for academy trusts (ATs) to the local authority sector.

The Department has recently contemplated extending the risk protection arrangement (RPA) of self-insurance currently operational for academy trusts (ATs) to the Local Authority Maintained Sector (LAMS), to ensure the occurrence of competitive insurance pricing within that sector.

This public consultation exercise will gauge the level of interest in the RPA LAMS provision and allow those with any feedback, views or concerns to express them. The findings will then be considered with a view to rolling out the RPA to all LAMS in England if there is a valid basis for doing so.

Give your views; Extending the academies risk protection arrangement to LA schools.

ELSA training will train Teaching Assistants (TAs) to provide emotional literacy support programmes to children who have difficulties understanding, identifying and managing their emotions.


Read the ELSA training details for the autumn term 2019 flyer.

To reserve a place on the autumn 2019 training programme, please complete the reply slip with details of payment and contract.

Surrey Libraries and Brooklands Radio are celebrating the joy of reading aloud by inviting Surrey residents to nominate people in Surrey who bring stories alive when reading aloud.

Do you know someone who is brilliant at reading aloud to children or to adults?

It might be a family member, your babysitter, a nursery nurse, school teacher, carer or volunteer, or anyone else you love listening to reading aloud. They might read to children or adults, individually or in a groups. It doesn’t matter as long as you love hearing them read.

Surrey Libraries and Brooklands Radio would like to hear about them and what makes them so good at reading aloud. Visit Surrey Libraries and Brooklands Radio Go -for more information. Online nominations can be made at Surrey Reading Aloud competition 2019 nomination

The closing date for nominations is Sunday 13 October 2019. Following this, we will invite the best to send us a recording of them reading aloud by Sunday 3 November. The recordings will be podcast on our websites for a public vote to find the winner by Sunday 8 December.

The winner and the person who nominated them will each receive a £20 book voucher and the winner will be invited to read aloud a Christmas story on Brooklands Radio.

Contact: or or speak to Siobhan at 01483 541518.

The Surrey Music Hub has set up three music workshops in the coming weeks of this term, including a fantastic opportunity to work with musicians from the Royal Opera House on their new free music resources. Please see below.

New Music Coordinators Workshop

Thursday 26 September, 4.15-6.15pm at St. Johns School, Redhill (Free)

New to being a music coordinator? Want practical ideas on how to take on this role at your school? Or perhaps you have been in the role for a while, but would like more support and ideas. Whether you are a musician or not taking on the challenge of leading music at a school can be a daunting task, but highly rewarding! This workshop will give you practical ideas on how to be an effective music leader for your school, looking at curriculum, instrumental uptake, choirs and ensembles and just getting music happening in your school.

Led by Kate Sweeney.

To reserve your place please book your free ticket via Eventbrite.

Music for the development of the whole child and relationships in your setting

Thursday 7 November 4.15-6.15pm, Venue TBC (Guildford Area). £15

Aimed primarily at Early Years and Key Stage 1 teachers

Participants will

  • Gain a repertoire of tried and tested multicultural songs, games and rhymes that is rich in content and that children enjoy
  • Learn simple ideas and techniques that increase their confidence in their innate musicality including help with developing lively rhythm work and using instruments
  • Learn to provide opportunities for musical play and ideas for extending that play
  • Learn how to use this new material (and the songs they already know) to improve children’s’ relationships with each other 
  • Use their music sessions to contribute to the wellbeing of parents, children and staff and the relationships between them


To reserve your place please book your ticket via Eventbrite.  

Create and Sing Hansel and Gretel with The Royal Opera House

Tuesday 15 October 9.30am-3.30pm at Furzefield School, Merstham, RH1 3PA.

Suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2

This free workshop will be led by a professional opera director and vocal leader at the Royal Opera House. The CPD session will introduce teachers to the story and key characters of Hansel and Gretel, using a variety of creative drama and singing exercises that will equip them to deliver the programme creatively in their schools. The session will cover five songs from the production that have been specifically adapted for a primary school audience.

Through the session, teachers will be given the opportunity to explore how they can deliver the project over a two-, five- or ten-week period at their school, culminating in a performance.

The CPD will cover a range of areas including:

  • Dramatic singing
  • Theatrical staging
  • Primary music pedagogy
  • Basic conducting technique

Find out more about the Royal Opera House Create and Sing online resources.

To reserve your place please book your ticket via Eventbrite.

Surrey Libraries offer volunteer placements for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards. Gold Applicants can apply at any time but there are two specific tranches of placement for Bronze and Silver levels.

Surrey Libraries offer a six month Silver or Bronze placement running mid-November to mid-May; or a three month Bronze placement running June to September.

Applications for the Bronze or Silver six month placement will be accepted from 16th September to 15th November 2019. Early application is advised. More information is on the Surrey Libraries website.

Foreword from Liz Mills

Latest update from Liz Mills, Director for Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture


Dear colleagues,

This week I would like to highlight the launch of the Specialist Early Education Service (SEES) in Surrey.

The Portage and LEAP (Local Early Autism Programme) teams are amalgamating and expanding to form the Specialist Early Education Service (SEES). Both teams already have a very positive reputation within Surrey and were cited in the previous two Ofsted inspection reports as examples of good practice in working collaboratively with parents to achieve positive outcomes for children.

The new quadrant based teams will continue to be part of the Educational Psychology Service and will be made up of an experienced, skilled and highly trained team of teachers and specialist support workers. SEES offers support to families with children aged 0-5 with a range of additional needs and offers a variety of programmes including: Portage, LEAP, Positive Play, PAT-P and a number of specialist groups. The team work closely with parents and carers, and often key staff in nurseries and pre-schools to develop a personalised plan for each child which includes individual targets linked to developmentally appropriate activities. These are drawn from a range of evidenced based strategies and approaches such as SCERTS, Emotion Coaching, Attention Autism, PECS, etc. The SEES team have close links with local health professionals, especially Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy Services ensuring that each child’s programme is well co-ordinated and holistic.

If you would like to know more about this service and how to access it please do contact Susan Harris our Principal Psychologist and Autism Strategy Lead.

Best wishes