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Holmesdale School tell us how they celebrated Feeling Good Week



Holmesdale Infant School is developing a Surrey Healthy Schools approach to wellbeing, health and achievement.

The school provides a curriculum which is broad, balanced and promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school. As part of their PSHE Curriculum, the school regularly plans enrichment weeks for the children across the year and recently they took part in ‘Feeling Good Week’. They sent us a little summary of how the week went...


The week started with an interactive assembly, where we looked at ‘mental health’ and focused on how we keep our minds healthy by considering how we are all unique and by recognising and celebrating our own special qualities. The children were then challenged to show others that we recognise their special qualities by sending one another cards, letters, compliment cards and golden star certificates that they had designed.


The children enjoyed creating their own post boxes for each classroom so that they could deliver their letters and enjoyed seeing how happy they had made their friends!



This was then followed up in class with a circle time and daily opportunities to share stories, which were linked to the theme of being ‘Stronger Together’. The children continued to reflect upon how their friends were feeling throughout the week by looking at their friends ‘monsters’ on our interactive ‘colour monster’ displays and were encouraged to support their friends if they were feeling ‘blue’/ sad. The children in Year 1 read the story ‘Ruby’s Worry’ and thought about what a worry might look like; they designed and made a worry through the medium of collage. The children thought about how to deal with worries; who can help them if they are worried and how to help others who may be feeling anxious. We are very proud of how our children are able to recognise their feelings and take the responsibility to support one another to deal with their emotions!


The children considered how to make our classrooms even happier places to learn for everyone and designed 'Happy Classroom' posters. They made thoughtful suggestions and this provoked discussion which demonstrated the high level of our children’s emotional literacy. When designing their posters, the children drew on their understanding of our Golden Rules and our Learning Behaviours and how these have a positive impact on the way we feel and learn at school.



We had several workshops throughout the week which focused on being ‘stronger together’ and feeling good by keeping physically healthy. Year 1 took part in a yoga session where they explored the difference between performing challenging movements alone and then within a group. The children were able to support their friends in remaining balanced and thus the children found the movement was easier when they had the help of their peers and worked together. Year 2 also took part in ‘Star Steppers’ dance and drama workshop to develop their collaboration skills. The children also took part in team building games within a round robin of activities in their year groups. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to try out some activities that they may not have tried before. We continued with our daily mindfulness activities in class, which are always thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.



We then ended our week with a ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ whereby the children could come to school in their own clothes, choosing whatever outfits made them feel happy! Our school was awash with colour and definitely brightened up all our days!